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I don’t mind being anxious - how to harness power from fear

Nothing provokes more anxiety in me than when one of my fur children aren’t doing well. As I’ve chosen not to have human children my parental responsibilities reside primarily with my animal family. Four cats and a Pug. I find it hard to imagine anything worse than losing a child and yet I have chosen a life where I will out live all of mine. And it’s my responsibility to keep them safe and alive for as long as possible. I feel the weight of this duty rather heavily on my shoulders. After 4 emergency vet trips in under a year, during a pandemic, a small bump behind an ear now starts a stress cycle that can take more than a few deep breathes to accept. I’ve learned to ask myself a few questions when this anxiety spikes, fur baby related or otherwise.    It helps me separate the worry from the anxiety and allows myself the energy and space to make the best decisions possible for my furry fam. What has gone wrong here?  Be as objective as possible. Facts only. Try to separate what’s happe
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Through me rather than from me.

This blog has always been in the back of my mind. Would I ever return? Of course...right? Who knows. If I did return I didn’t want to have to try. I wanted it to flow, like all things worth doing should.  Last night I was listening to Eckhart Tolle, as I often do when I’m feeling a little (or a lot) anxious. The question that was asked to him really resonated with me.  “Once you become aware, do you have to have a plan of where you’re going or do you leave that up to the universe to bring that to you for you then to make the choice?” Ding ding ding! Yes please, dear Eckhart, answer me this. Because I struggle with the hustle mentality. I struggle with the shoulds and the musts. I just want to feel like I’m doing enough without having to worrying about needing to do more.  I abandoned this blog for a few reasons. Students and colleagues were finding it. My ego was frightened about what that would mean for my job in the psychology department. A lot of what I was writing about was ‘in pen

Ritual vs. Routine

I s anybody else out there a rusher? I cut corners, speed through tasks and my ego takes a little pride in how quickly I can get a job done.   It turns a chore into a challenge which is fun... until it’s boring and it’s just a chore again. While strumming through the pages of Whole Beauty at the bookstore, a heading about Ritual vs. Routine jumped out at me. I skimmed through the chapter and was inspired to begin turning my often sped through, mundane daily routines into cherished rituals to care for and check in with myself. I practiced the exercise of slowing down and being present while doing daily mundane tasks. It brings the present moment into my day in an easy to accomplish manner. I focus on the water against my skin as I hand wash. I focus on the temperature of the water, its change in consistency once it starts to mix with the soap. The smells, the sounds etc.   Then I pat myself on the back, and I feel a bit more grounded as I carry on with my day. It wa

Acceptance (AKA Making Eckhart Tolle proud)

I love my house. It’s not very big, it wasn’t very expensive and it’s been standing for over 10 decades. It creeks and has many cracks. It’s filled with mismatched furniture we have acquired mostly for free over the years. The floors never quite shine and there are light paw prints and tumble weeds of fur to be found throughout. But I LOVE my house. I love reorganizing the bookshelves, changing up the art on the walls, sitting in the porch with a cup of tea in the evening. I love the plants we try our best to keep alive, I love the backyard with the lilac bush and the front yard with its elm trees. I really love this house. Having resonated with the likes of Eckhart Tolle, I’m hesitant when I find myself REALLY liking something. This isn’t exactly ideal, but it does provide me the opportunity to participate in a little self-reflection. Is the inner me on the same page as the rest of me? Eckhart Tolle often speaks about attachment to forms. How it inevitably leads to

Everything you think you know about sun exposure is WRONG. Here’s the proof!

I t was a conversation with my doctor, years ago, that first peaked my curiousity about the risk vs. the reward of sun exposure. As I confided in him about the onset of depressive symptoms he asked if they got worse in the wintertime?    I practically rolled my eyes at him. I had heard about Seasonal Affective Disorder in my psychology classes, and was certain my symptoms warranted a more serious diagnosis than something called SAD! Still, I agreed that maybe it was possible that I had become more depressed nearing the latter part of winter. But if this was true, I thought, what could possibly be the explanation? Was it because of the shorter, darker days? More time spent inside because of the extreme cold we experience in Canada? What did all these variables have in common? First, A Few Facts Ultraviolet Radiation (UVR) is part of the light spectrum that makes it from our favourite star in the sky to the rock we call home. UVR is comprised of 3 main types of UV rays; UVA,

Organic Oversight

M aking the move to using more natural products seems simple walking into stores today. Every other product has a leaf or a tree on it with the claim of being natural or organic. Companies have noticed the influx of consumers wanting to step away from synthetic ingredients and they want to profit off of the naïve customer by making unsubstantiated claims on cheap, synthetic products. Greenwashing (disinformation disseminated by an organization so as to present an environmentally responsible public image) has now expanded from manipulating eco conscious customers to taking advantage of the natural/organic crowd. How is this allowed to go on? Easily. The FDA does not regulate the use of the terms organic, or natural. Many manufacturers take advantage of this loophole when labeling and advertising their products. In order to avoid being manipulated, you have to educate yourself and study the ingredients of a beauty product before committing to adding it into your routine.