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21 Day Reset Part 4- When to move: Pain no gain

I love to exercise. Yes, you can hate me but hear me out. I don’t exercise to lose or maintain weight. Ever. If you want to change your weight, changing when and what you eat is the answer, not exercise. Sure, exercise will burn calories, and burning calories will burn fat but not enough to make any substantial difference in your body set weight. At the end of the day, your body wants to hang onto its fat stores if your stressing it out for hours at the gym. It thinks “oh man, things must be tough right now so I better hold on to whatever I can.” Your body thinks you’re in danger when you exercise too hard or too long. It panics and tries to maintain homeostasis but protecting your fat stores.   Another big problem with over exercising is injury. If your focus is using the gym to burn calories, you are going to be on that treadmill for hours every week. And all that wear and tear is going to add up to plantar fasciitis, hip pain, knee pain or a myriad of other over use injur