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Alignment Before Action - In Practice - Holiday Stress Edition

Oh the Holidays are here! How can I tell? It’s not the Christmas decorations going up around the city or the snow falling on the ground. It’s my inability to be too far from my planner and the barrage of text messages from friends coming into the city. My days and nights have been full and it’s not even December yet! This year I have a secret weapon against the holiday stress. Alignment before action. Ahead of anything thing else, I have been focusing on getting as happy as possible, as often as possible. And man oh man, has it been great. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not skipping around constantly at a level 12, tossing flower petals around 24/7. Sometimes getting happy can be a real challenge, but I’m making it a priority. If I find myself stressed out, I find a way to be a little less stressed. For me that often means putting in my ear buds and taking a nice long walk. Letting myself daydream about the things that make me happy or the things I want to achieve. Letting t

Are You Resisting Your Own Happiness? Top 5 Ways You Are Creating Resistance.

Vive La RĂ©sistance! When I think about resistance, that saying is among the first things that comes to mind. Nazi fighters. People actively fighting against evil forces. So when I looked into why my life wasn’t perfect law of attraction manifesting bliss despite everything I’ve been practicing, and the word resistance kept popping up, you can imagine the confusion. Why would anyone fight against what they were trying to manifest? I’ve heard about (and seen) people self-sabotaging. A lack of self-worth motivating them to unconsciously block their own success but as far as I could tell, that wasn’t my issue. I was in a joyous place (alignment), feeling the emotions of having as often as possible, certain I deserved it and knowing it was going to appear any day now. Months went by and I tried harder, and harder...and still nothing. There must be something I was overlooking and forgetting. Time to go back to the books. I picked up Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Yo

Abraham Hicks

Magic at the Markets

Fall time is craft market time. I love going to the markets to meet the local designers, while finding unique handcrafted items. Buying Christmas presents and supporting small businesses in my city. It's one of the reason I cherish this season so deeply. While I mostly have an uplifting and high vibe experience at the markets, I sometimes find the crowds can be rather frustrating and draining.  To remedy this, I have been focusing on slipping into alignment before and during the markets to experiment with the power of alignment before action. And it has been magical.

Rampage of Appreciation / Gratitude list

This weeks blog post is a rampage of appreciation in honour of Canadian Thanksgiving! Rampages of appreciation (several pages of things you are grateful for or appreciate) are an amazing way to bring your vibration to a higher level.  What I'm Thankful for (in no particular order)

Coincidence or subconscious? How our emotions impact our furry friends.

I have always been a big animal lover. As soon as I moved from an apartment to a house, I welcomed my first cat. Through the years my house has been a home for many cats and dogs in need. Some were in the twilight of their animal life and only stayed with me for a brief time while others were abandoned early on in their life, came to live with me when they were young and are still curled up next to me as I type. When a new member joined the crew there was only a short period of acclimation before everything settled. Sure, Jace, the ginger cat, has never quite appreciated the enthusiasm of Charlie the pug but overall everyone was happy and healthy. The beginning of this year was really rough on me. I felt lost and unsatisfied in life. I was searching for answers and it was accompanied with an anxiety that was overpowering. I was suddenly questioning everything in my life and secretly began to feel trapped caring for my fur babies. I still loved them the same but I felt lik

Adyashanti - The End of Your World

7 tips to get your subconscious mind to work for you!

So you've watched the secret, or read about the law of attraction? You hear people talking about manifesting and making their dreams come true.  You think, hey if they can do it, so can I! Your biggest desire comes to mind and you set off on the path to bring it into your life. You cut out pictures of your dream car, you put it on your bulletin board and on the bathroom mirror. You start picturing yourself in your new car everyday and the desire becomes stronger. After a month your new car still hasn't arrived. You start wishing harder, more often. You're starting to wonder how your new car is going to come to you. The lottery? A raise at work? You start getting frustrated, feeling a little foolish and maybe even angry. You decide this new age stuff is a bunch of junk and you tear down the pictures from your wall, embarrassed you ever bought into the hype. I thought the more energy I put into wanting something, the more I thought about how I was going to get it, th

Meditation makes you attractive!

Want to lower your stress, increase your focus, improve your sleep, relieve pain and even become more attractive to others? Then meditation is definitely for you. But meditation is not a one size fits all practice. It's not all about clearing all your thoughts and ignoring that itch on your nose. There are many different types of meditation and it's important to experiment with different types before proclaiming that meditation just isn't for you. 

3 ways to tell if it's your intuition or your ego talking

Follow your gut. The answer is within you. We've all heard this before. The problem is sometimes when we look within we get mixed messages. Should you take that new job opportunity? Something inside is saying yes but something else is saying hell no. This is the battle of your intuition vs your ego. If you listen carefully enough, you will begin to easily tease apart the two.