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I don’t mind being anxious - how to harness power from fear

Nothing provokes more anxiety in me than when one of my fur children aren’t doing well. As I’ve chosen not to have human children my parental responsibilities reside primarily with my animal family. Four cats and a Pug. I find it hard to imagine anything worse than losing a child and yet I have chosen a life where I will out live all of mine. And it’s my responsibility to keep them safe and alive for as long as possible. I feel the weight of this duty rather heavily on my shoulders. After 4 emergency vet trips in under a year, during a pandemic, a small bump behind an ear now starts a stress cycle that can take more than a few deep breathes to accept. I’ve learned to ask myself a few questions when this anxiety spikes, fur baby related or otherwise.    It helps me separate the worry from the anxiety and allows myself the energy and space to make the best decisions possible for my furry fam. What has gone wrong here?  Be as objective as possible. Facts only. Try to separate what’s happe