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Organic Oversight

M aking the move to using more natural products seems simple walking into stores today. Every other product has a leaf or a tree on it with the claim of being natural or organic. Companies have noticed the influx of consumers wanting to step away from synthetic ingredients and they want to profit off of the na├»ve customer by making unsubstantiated claims on cheap, synthetic products. Greenwashing (disinformation disseminated by an organization so as to present an environmentally responsible public image) has now expanded from manipulating eco conscious customers to taking advantage of the natural/organic crowd. How is this allowed to go on? Easily. The FDA does not regulate the use of the terms organic, or natural. Many manufacturers take advantage of this loophole when labeling and advertising their products. In order to avoid being manipulated, you have to educate yourself and study the ingredients of a beauty product before committing to adding it into your routine. 

Beauty Product Bandits

There are certain guidelines that must be followed in order for the beauty products we purchase to be deemed safe for use. Most of us trust when we pick up a product at the store it has been vigorously tested and will help us look our most radiant.  But the more I looked into the ingredients on the labels of my beloved beauty products, the more I began to wonder if ‘safe for use’ and health promoting were even in the same realm. How far could I trust the intended product use when looking at the ingredients told a very different story?  Did I only need my moisturizer because I was stripping my natural oils away with harsh cleaning agents? Would my skin naturally heal itself and become soft, glowing and beautiful if I simply got out of its way and let it achieve its natural balanced state? Was I drowning myself in hormone disrupting chemicals from the lotions and potions I assumed were helping? When it came to my beauty regime, was the reason I needed