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The Honour and The Privilege

It is my honour and privilege to share an unpublished poem by the incomparable author Chancellor Payne. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

The Honour and The Privilege   

I've never climbed the highest mountain,
nor swam the deepest sea.
I've never explored unchartered wilderness
or discovered mystic lands yet to be.
I've never been the wartime hero
who rushed into battle with valiant heart.
I've never been the martyr for some great cause
or a noble saint whose faith would never part.

I've never been some great leader
who lead a nation to its best.
I've never been some grand figure
who inspired history's pages and stood out from all the rest.

I've never made the winning touchdown
or scored the goal to win it all.
I've never won the gruelling race
or been awarded Olympic medals to fill my wall.

I've never slain the fearsome dragon
or saved the damsel in distress.
I've never been the charming prince of fairy tales
or the gallant knight whose courage was no less.

I've never danced a show on Broadway
or played the leading role.
I've never painted Mona Lisas
or written words to move the soul.

My eyes they do not sparkle
and my hair it does not shine.
My features are not the dreams of sculptors
Nor a genius is my mind.

And if this universe holds one constant,
I have learned it tried and true:
There will always be another
a bit faster, a bit stronger and a bit smarter than you.


Of all the souls to journey
of all those past, present and yet to be,
no soul will hold the honour
and the privilege of being ME.

So choose the doors forbidden.
Take the paths they say are wrong.
Dare to make your destiny.
Dance the rhythm of your heart's song.

For if this universe holds one constant,
I have learned it tried and true:
No soul will hold the honour 
and the privilege of being YOU.

                                                           Chancellor Payne


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