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3 no-fail ways to re-enter Alignment when you can’t get back in (+ a bonus last resort!)

The flow you experience when you are in Alignment is addicting. You’re feeling fantastic, everything seems to be going your way, life’s difficulties feel temporary and you’re motivated to fix them without complaint. 

But life requires contrast and as a consequence, once you’ve experienced the magic of being in Alignment, it becomes very frustrating when you’re out and can’t seem to get back in. Your usual get happy tricks aren’t working. Netflix is boring, you’re sick of the music on your playlist, it’s too cold to go for a walk and even a piece of your favourite chocolate just ain’t cutting it today.

Here are my top three tricks to get you back into Alignment.

Accept it (without judgement)

This is number one for a reason. It’s one of the most powerful tools you can use when you’re feeling those negative emotions that are keeping you down. It can also be one of the most difficult steps to take. The good news is that once you start practicing acceptance on a regular basis it becomes almost automatic and the subsequent positive changes in your life will be very noticeable.

Acceptance doesn’t mean admitting defeat. By accepting your current situation, you are not saying “well I guess I should just stay here, there is no way out.” Acceptance is always the first step to getting out. 

Let’s say you’re walking along a path in a beautiful lush green forest when you trip and suddenly fall into a deep hole that has been dug into the ground. The hole is deep enough that you can’t reach the top and no one is around to help you out. 

You could get angry. 

“Who dug this stupid hole in the middle of the forest?! What an idiot!?” But you’re still stuck.

You could be in denial. 

“I’m not stuck in this hole, I’m just resting.” You’re still stuck.

You could blame yourself or feel sorry for yourself. 

“Of course I would trip and fall into the one random hole in a forest. Why does this always happen to me?” Maybe you are to blame, maybe you could have paid more attention. Either way. It does help, you’re still stuck.

None of these are getting you any closer to getting out of the hole. Once you accept that you’re stuck in a hole and quit beating yourself up about how you could let this happen, you can free up the mental space to figure out how you’re getting out. Cluttering up your brain with the anger, denial, blame or sorrow is just prolonging (and creating) your suffering. The quicker you can get to acceptance, the quicker you’re getting out of the hole.

Accept where you are right now. Don’t judge it as either good or bad. Say yes to the present moment as if a benevolent all knowing force has chosen to place you exactly where you are, exactly how you are. Enjoy the lightness that begins to expand inside you once you say yes to THIS moment, without judging it.

The darkest night often leads to the most beautiful sunrises. (Never realizing the grizzly bear that was hunting just a little bit further down the forested path.  Not realizing how lucky you were to avoid it by being ‘stuck’ in a hole). 

Get really still in order to be very present. 

Take a moment and be silent. Focus on your breathing if that helps. Now sit back and watch your thoughts. Don’t try to stop them, but try not to be sucked into them. If you are like most people one of the first things you will notice is how your thoughts rarely stop. You think about important things, you think about mundane things, you make observations and judge things in ways that have no benefit to you. And this just keeps going and going.

You need to practice slowing down your thinking. Take a break from the mind and all it’s needless activity and judgements.

You can probably guess what I’m going to suggest...Meditate. But meditation isn’t as easy as it looks. If you are a practiced meditator by all means pick your favourite type of meditation and go for it but if you’re new to it, I recommend only practicing when you are already in alignment. The last thing that’s going to help you get out of a funk is sitting down to meditate when you’re in a bad mood. You will end up frustrated and you might start associating that frustration with the act of mediation. Instead I want you to do this: 

Close your eyes. Take a deep breathe and be still. Can you sense the aliveness of your hands without moving them? Without touching anything? Most people feel a light tingling feeling when they place their attention there. Continue to put your attention on your hands. Does the feeling get stronger? 

This practice was my first WOW moment when I started on my journey. I had been feeling depressed for months, I started reading Eckhart Tolle and researching his teachings. He instructed me to focus my awareness on my hands. At first, I felt nothing but a slight mundane tingle. I continued focusing on the tingle until it seemed to get stronger. My hands started to have that “pins and needles” feeling you get when you sit on them and stifle the blood flow. I decided to try to feel my feet, then my legs. Soon I felt this amazing energy running through my body unlike anything I had felt before. So clean and peaceful, it was the first time in months that I felt hopeful. It was almost like the high from a narcotic but much cleaner and secure. It lasted for almost an hour and I consider it my first step to recovery. I will never forget the release I felt in that moment. The hope. I have not felt the pins and needles as strongly again but I still feel a certain peace flow through me when I become still and focus on my inner energy, always starting with my hands.

Meditation has not been an easy journey for me. Which means it is definitely a worthwhile one for me to continue on. While my practice has become much more enjoyable there are days I still struggle. Learning to accept these moments has proven to be a much more worthy lesson than the act of meditation. There are lessons to learn in every struggle. Take a deep breathe, relax the muscles around your heart and lean into them.

I have begun compiling a few of the techniques I used when I began my meditation practice. A sort of meditation for beginners guide. If you are interested in seeing a post that illustrates them, please let me know in the comments below!


Once you have accepted where you are at and quieted the mind into the present moment, you can simply try asking.

What can I do to get into alignment?
How can I feel closer to spirit?
What book should I read next to become inspired?
How can I feel the most release?

Or you can simply stay quiet and open. Learning how to listen without having to ask anything at all. 

Wait until you hear an answer or feel an urge that comes from a calm, inspired place. (For more listening tips check out 3 ways to know if it’s your intuition or ego talking). You might hear a specific answer that makes sense to you or it might seem like an unusual response. Either way, as long as you recognize it as your intuition speaking, follow it and stay open to the inspiration and clarity that will eventually follow. It often comes from an unexpected source. Trust your intuition and go with your flow instead of fighting against the current.

And what if you’re in such a rut that none of the above is working?


When all else fails, take a nap! I think of naps like a cold restart on your computer. Sometimes you have so many programs trying to run at the same time your system is overwhelmed and hangs. Go ahead and hold down your power button for 5 seconds (or about 15 minutes nap time) and allow yourself to reboot. A nap can be the perfect way to achieve this. When you awake, some programs have closed, some may have reopened on start up but will no longer be bogged down. A nap can be the perfect opportunity to re-enter alignment. I’ll admit,  sometimes I use this trick as a first resort, not a final one. Ip can really help clear my mind when I’m over thinking everything.

What are your no-fail alignment tricks that I’ve missed? 

Thanks for reading,



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