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Surrendering to Acceptance

Why isn’t the universe listening? 

I don’t want just a job. I want a calling. I want to feel that the work I do enriches my own life and the lives of others. 

My current vocation is teaching at a university. And I really enjoy teaching. That moment when the lightbulb goes on and the student understands a concept they have been struggling with is very rewarding. However, I’m not excited about what I teach. While it feels worthwhile it doesn’t light me up inside. 

I’ve been struggling with a career change for a little over a year now. Once I started studying spiritually, meditation, law of attraction and all the other woo-woo new age stuff, a spark lit inside me. I started reading book after book and listening to podcasts and YouTube videos. Life started to make sense and one day while explaining what had changed in me to a friend, we came up with the idea for this blog.  I started sharing what I was studying with you. I loved it. I felt excited to post every week and excited to learn more to be able to continue to share. 

I followed flow, as I always try to do, and never pushed or forced myself to study or blog. Inspiration usually came to me without having to try and find it. 

But lately my attention has been elsewhere. I started researching more of the health side of wellness. I feel the same spark but now I’m learning about nutrition, time-restricted eating and autophagy.  And while I continue my own practice of alignment before action, meditation and loa, it is no longer leading me in the direction I assumed it would be.

My ego started to beat me up for this. Telling me I was being lazy. That if I was really meant to share the concepts of loa and the subconscious mind with people, that the universe would be flowing all sorts of ideas to me.  The more frustrated I was becoming the worse I felt, and the worse my writers block became. 

Should I give up? Should I start writing about the fasting I am doing? Should I force myself to write a blog post every week?

I knew the answers to these question could only come from one place. Me. 
So I asked my intuition. (Check out Three way to tell if it’s your Ego or Intuition talking to try it for yourself!)

Below is our conversation 

Should I give up on this blog?
No! It’s part of your path.

Should I start writing about physical and nutrition wellness that I have been studying and implementing?
Not yet.

What should I be writing on my blog right now?
Your truth - right now.

What is my truth right now?
That you are struggling to accept where you are.

How can I help myself accept where I am right now?
Stay in the present moment.

How can I best stay in the present moment?
Appreciate how wonderful your life is.

It really is wonderful, isn’t it?
It really is. Be proud of the life you have created. 

If I stay focused on the positive will the universe let me know when it’s time to act? 
Of course. You know that’s how this all works.

Am I ok?

Thank you.

So I am surrendering to acceptance. And I am waiting for inspired action. This is always the hard part. The part with uncertainty that the ego thrives on. But I am good. I am great. And the universe hasn’t let me down yet. 

What are struggling with accepting right now?


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