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21 Day Reset : Flowing into health with your intuition

If you haven’t figured it out already, I am a go with the flow kind of girl. I have found the current ‘hustle’ mentality to be counter productive and creatively draining. I focus on listening to my body and I usually wait until inspiration hits before I put my all into something. When I get excited about exercise - I exercise, when I get excited about binge watching Riverdale - I put on my comfy pants and snuggle up with the pug to watch.  This past year, my intuition has led me on a bit of a health journey. Last fall I flowed into a ketogenic diet and fasting protocol. The more research and books I read on the subject the more I was convinced that this is the path I am meant to be on. And the more I practiced the advice I gathered, the better everything got! I feel great, my insatiable hunger has decreased (my main reason for trying keto) and my energy has sky rocketed.  So far, so good! You might be thinking fasting is a little extreme, I used to too, but in this series

Surrendering to Acceptance

Why isn’t the universe listening?  I don’t want just a job. I want a calling. I want to feel that the work I do enriches my own life and the lives of others.  My current vocation is teaching at a university. And I really enjoy teaching. That moment when the lightbulb goes on and the student understands a concept they have been struggling with is very rewarding. However, I’m not excited about what I teach. While it feels worthwhile it doesn’t light me up inside.  I’ve been struggling with a career change for a little over a year now. Once I started studying spiritually, meditation, law of attraction and all the other woo-woo new age stuff, a spark lit inside me. I started reading book after book and listening to podcasts and YouTube videos. Life started to make sense and one day while explaining what had changed in me to a friend, we came up with the idea for this blog.  I started sharing what I was studying with you. I loved it. I felt excited to post every week a