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My #1 Alignment Trick!

I often get asked what my go to alignment activity is.

I hesitate to say for three reasons.

 1.What gets me into my highest alignment is not likely to be what gets you into your highest alignment.

 2.It’s constantly changing. What gets me into alignment today will not necessarily get me into alignment tomorrow. Last year the spring fair was the most magical day ever! When you go back the next year it’s fun but you end up disappointed that it’s not quite the same. Can you relate? DO NOT CHASE YESTERDAYS ALIGNMENT. Flow into today’s alignment.

 3.And the number three reason that I don’t always feel comfortable sharing what is currently getting me most aligned is...that lately...it’s shopping. Shopping can often be seen as a materialistic, ego driven activity. And it can be. When I first started heavily investigating the world of spiritual development one of the first shifts I experienced was I no longer felt any alignment from new things. After reading Eckhart Tolle’s view on identity and how we can seek identity through the accumulation of stuff, I just couldn’t find any joy in things anymore. Now to my surprise this actually bothered me.

Sure I was saving money and my space felt less cluttered and overwhelming, but I had lost a quick and easy path to alignment. I remember days when I would feel down, I’d try to buy something to cheer myself up but it wouldn’t work. I had this deep seated feeling that every item I accumulated was an attempt for my ego to seek identification and meaning. It made me feel hollow so I avoided it.

In the fall of 2017, my best friend and I started Christmas shopping. These shopping trips to markets and boutiques began creating so much alignment that our flow was unstoppable.We began making friends, getting free items or great deals. And to my surprise this is still happening today.

We just attended a wellness convention last weekend where companies across Canada set up booths to either sell items, give information or show demonstrations. We came across a lovely booth selling beautiful stones and crystals. Twenty minutes later we were in a group hug with the booth owner, thanking each other profusely. (We walked away with a great deal on a pair of bracelets!)

 “You two have such great energy!”

 This is not the first time we have heard this while shopping.

 I couldn’t help but ask myself...why? What makes our energy shine while shopping of all things!

 Well, here is what I’ve come up with.

 Firstly, I’ve known my best friend since we were three. Our friendship is magical on its own. When we are together our energy builds off of the other’s. Second, we have come to expect alignment from shopping. I feel excited when we go out to markets. Just that feeling alone will attract more of it into my day. BUT it wasn’t always this way! One of my first experiment with getting into alignment was at markets! They haven’t always flowed so beautifully for me. In fact, they used to stress me out. All the crowds would raise my anxiety. Not to mention that feeling of passing on an item only to wish you would have purchased it (you might never see this booth again!). And last but certainly not least, buyers remorse (buying something and regretting it).

None of that happens anymore.

I have purchased quite a few things in the last few months and I still feel in alignment with 99.9% of my purchases. I can’t think of a single purchase I regret or item I feel like I missed out on! That is the magic of alignment. I’ve gotten quite good at sensing if a purchase is in my alignment. I have put back items, not knowing the reason until they pop up on sale the next week, I find a style I like better, or I hear a piece of information that changes my opinion on the item.

I have found a good balance with shopping for alignment. I appreciate the items without much attachment from my ego. I find the experience of shopping to be more than just an accumulation of stuff. I end up making connections with the store owners and creators. I’m making memories with my best friend. And I’m practicing following my flow and intuition in an unexpected way.

I can already feel the season changing on alignment shopping for me. I’m practicing patience and waiting to see what flows to me next.

What has your go to alignment activity been lately?


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