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Your Body as Mind or You as Mind?

Where are you putting your energy? 

Take two minutes right now. 
Close your eyes. 
Breathe comfortably. 
Don’t try to think or focus on anything. 

Where did your mind go? 

How long can you manage to not think about what your annoying coworker said to you yesterday? Or the C you got on that paper you thought you aced last week?

The type of thoughts your mind was pulling to your attention is an indication of what emotions your body is addicted to. That’s right. Your body can become addicted to emotions. When you have certain thoughts or stressors in your life, chemicals are released into your body. If these thoughts or stressors happen on a consistent basis, your body can become addicted to these chemicals. And like any other kind of addiction, your body starts to crave the feelings and emotions that trigger the chemicals so it can get its fix. 

Were your thoughts about anxious situations? Feelings of lack? Anger? Sadness? Whatever the theme was is your bodies emotional addiction.

Now think about all the energy that is wasted on reliving these moments when your body takes over as your mind. Energy that you could be directing towards the present and the future you truly want to be living. Your emotions are records of the past and we want to stop placing our energy into the past. But all your body knows is what has already happened, that is why we want to switch from a body run mind to YOU controlling the mind.

Every time you find your mind thinking about something in your past that you do not want to relive in your present or future follow these steps:

Without judgement, gently acknowledge that your body is craving its chemical fix.

Relax the body.
Focus your attention on the present moment. 

That’s it. This will help YOU take control of the mind by reminding the body that you are in charge now. Consistency is key here. You are rewiring your brain and this takes time. But each time you practice living in the present moment you are freeing up energy that previously was focused on recreating your past. And the more you practice the less you will have to as present living becomes a habit. You can now focus this energy on creating the future you are truly excited to be living.

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