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Resistance Busting Techniques

Once I imagined it, no other seemed to spark joy in me.

A few months ago, inspired by an Instagram picture, I decided I would like to begin collecting a few minimalistic style gold rings. I had a few specifications immediately: they must be high quality, they can’t be too expensive and they must spark joy in me. After purchasing a couple plain gold stacking rings I was ready to invest in a more substantial piece. After searching the internet, markets and a few jewelry stores I began to piece together exactly what this ring should look like through continuously finding what I did not want. I was data collecting but did not yet realize I was also creating resistance. Instead of enjoying the process of figuring out exactly what my new ring will be, I was beginning to grow frustrated. And once I was able to imagine the ring clearly, no other ring seemed to spark any joy in me. My frustration grew.

Frustration is at a much lower vibrational level than the joy I expected to feel when I finally found the ring. I began to realize how much resistance I had towards finding and having it. As soon as I realized I had resistance to my goal I immediately stopped seeking the ring. I had to stop the negative momentum that was being created against my goal. I was beginning to experience a few of my top 5 ways of creating resistance toward my goal.

Every time I thought about or remembered the ring, I distracted myself with something else, this goal had gained too much importance, my frustration was enough to signal to me that I was not in alignment with the ring I was trying to add to my collection.

Instead of searching for the ring I started experimenting with various methods of releasing resistance by raising my vibrational energy to a higher level.

 And guess what?

Three weeks later, I stood in front of a jewelry counter I unexpectedly found myself at. Pointing down at a ring that was indeed in my size; in the style I had imagined. It was on sale, and only 9 dollars more than the price I had mentally set months ago.

Here are the techniques I tried out and how they worked for me. Not everyone will find success with each method and different intensities of resistance may fair better with different techniques.

Rampage of Appreciation

In order to increase your alignment with your goal, write down as many people, places or things you appreciate. Gratitude journals are nothing new and many people are accustomed to jotting down 3-5 items that they are thankful for in a journal each day. But I’m talking 3-5 pages. It’s isn’t called a rampage for nothing. Appreciation is a muscle, so don’t fret if you can only think of a handful your first try at a rampage. If you wrote down 6 items, tomorrow try for 7.

This was not my first attempt at a Rampage of Appreciation  and I mostly have found success in vibration raising with the technique. I feel better and am closer to my goals after the activity. The only caveat I will mention is that if you are too low on the emotional scale, this may not be the right tool for you. You want to be at a decent frequency before pondering appreciation. When you are at an emotional low point it can be difficult to feel appreciation instead of resentment, jealousy, or frustration when you start examining your life and/or surroundings.

In addition to raising your vibration, a well known rule of the Law of Attraction is that what you focus on, you attract more of. Therefore the more you focus on things you can appreciate, the more the universe hears “more of this please!”.

Virtual Reality

In the vibrational world we live in, we get what we think about. Whether we want it or not. So it’s good practice to try to keep your thoughts on the things you want.

As a child I loved to daydream, so creating a vivid scene in my head of a ideal experience does not often pose a challenge. I like to pop in my ear buds and walk, letting my mind create different variations of what pleases me at the moment. You do not need to specifically imagine exactly what it is you are trying to manifest. The raising of your vibration from experiencing (even just mentally because your body doesn’t know the difference) a joyful situation is enough to pull any goal closer to your reality.

Creating these realities are one of my favourite resistance busting activities. I find it can make time fly on the treadmill and added release of endorphins usually makes me feel pretty great after each session.


Meditation is a resistance releasing technique that can be used in many emotional states. Sometimes choosing no thought is an easier step than choosing a positive one. Meditation takes practice to truly benefit from the discipline. If you do not have experience with meditation than the result may be lack lustre. Still I encourage those that do not regularly meditate to begin experiencing with different techniques in order to experience the myriad of benefits being reported by those who practice.

This is something I have found myself doing for years. I used to think I was doing it out of procrastination but have now realized I was trying to release resistance and get into alignment before tackling my goal.

When I would have a paper to write in university, I would often sit down to begin writing and find myself two hours later, desk completely decluttered and reorganized, with barely a sentence or two written. However, without fail, after straightening out the desk, I felt at a higher vibration and the words that I could not reach for my essay two hours ago are now spilling on to the word document with enthusiasm. 

“Because everything carries its own vibration, and because you develop a vibrational relationship with everything in your life, your personal belongings do have an impact on the way you feel and on your point of attraction. “ -Abraham Hicks

Tidying up your living space can in turn tidy up your vibrational frequency, allowing you to accomplish your goal distraction free while kicking low vibe items to the curb. This frees up your emotional energy to be able to focus on whatever you are trying to call towards you.

After spending some time tidying up, continuing my meditation process and lifting my vibration using these tools, I was able to find the exact ring I wanted after I pretty much forgot I even wanted it. You have no resistance to something you forgot you wanted while you were too busy feeling great.

 For more resistance busters pick up my favourite Abraham Hicks book:


 P.S. I am currently utilizing another resistance crusher from AAIIG. It’s called The Wallet Process and it’s meant to help specifically with abundance attracting.

You begin by physically placing a hundred dollar bill in your wallet. Each day you exercise your abundance muscle by noticing everything you could buy with that money in your wallet. That scarf in the Department store window? If you really wanted it, it would be yours with the $100. A steak and lobster meal at that restaurant you reserve for special occasions only? Could be yours because you have the $100 in your wallet.

Instead of spending the $100 and receiving the vibration benefit of abundance one time, you can experience the sensation 20-30 times with that same hundred dollar bill. You don’t have to be abundant to attract abundance. You have to feel abundance to attract it.

 I’ll let you know how it goes!


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