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How to get into Alignment

The best advice I’ve ever been given: “Get as happy as you can, as often as you can.”

One of biggest roadblocks of my journey came in the form of the elusive alignment requirement. 

The word alignment was popping up all over the place. 

Let’s start with the basics. What is Alignment?

The definition of Alignment can vary from teacher to teacher. Some, as with Eckhart Tolle, see Alignment as being mentally situated in the present moment. Alignment comes when we are not dwelling on the past or anticipating/worrying about the future. 

Mindful meditation is a great exercise to train your brain to slow down and focus on the present. A student of mine combats the stress of university by practicing Yoga. She shared with me that the only time she could slow her brain down and relax was during Yoga class. I immediately recognized this as her Alignment practice! Yoga allowed her to be present not focus on the past or future.

However, one should not simply restrict this exercise to only a 10-30 minute period. Spread mindfulness throughout your day by picking a few automatic routine activities and bring your mind into the present moment by focusing on the feelings and sensation that you would normally over-looking. Some examples include focusing on your muscle movement every time you walk up the stairs. The feeling of the water and the scent of the soap while washing your hands. There are infinite opportunities in a single day to align yourself with the present moment. 

While Alignment to me does require living in the present moment it also involves being in the frequency of what I want in life. What I want in life is to experience joy often and be satisfied no matter what. Because these are my goals I have to be feeling these emotions as often as possible in order to attract more joy and satisfaction to my life. That is how the law of attraction works. Like attracts like. I cannot be worried and dissatisfied to attract joy and satisfaction. I need to be in alignment with that which I’m seeking.

So how does one achieve this alignment? 

My best advice to you, is the best advice I have ever received. Get as happy as you can, as often as you can. There is no one size fits all. What puts me in alignment is not necessarily going to put you in alignment. And what puts me in alignment today won’t necessarily put me into alignment tomorrow! 

Currently I feel at my most aligned wrapping Christmas presents with a Christmas movie playing in the background. Last week it was long walks and music. Yours could be a piece of chocolate while reading your favourite book. The possibilities are endless and unique to you. 

Your emotions are the perfect indicator of your alignment. Joy, inspiration, and excitement are all signs that you are on the right track. 

The key is to try and be in the frequency of what you want as often as you can but not become angry or frustrated when you can’t seem to get there. I have days where alignment just will not happen. And that’s ok. I don’t make a story around it, I just accept it and keep an eye open for the next thing that sparks joy within me.  Because there is always a next thing!

Once I started focusing on alignment first, I noticed little things starting to change in my daily life. My timing works out better, my interactions with people have become easier, opportunities have been presenting themselves out of nowhere. It truly begins to feel magical.

How do you get into alignment? Let me know your thoughts on alignment before action in the comments below! 


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