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Are You Resisting Your Own Happiness? Top 5 Ways You Are Creating Resistance.

Vive La Résistance! When I think about resistance, that saying is among the first things that comes to mind. Nazi fighters. People actively fighting against evil forces. So when I looked into why my life wasn’t perfect law of attraction manifesting bliss despite everything I’ve been practicing, and the word resistance kept popping up, you can imagine the confusion.

Why would anyone fight against what they were trying to manifest?

I’ve heard about (and seen) people self-sabotaging. A lack of self-worth motivating them to unconsciously block their own success but as far as I could tell, that wasn’t my issue. I was in a joyous place (alignment), feeling the emotions of having as often as possible, certain I deserved it and knowing it was going to appear any day now.

Months went by and I tried harder, and harder...and still nothing.

There must be something I was overlooking and forgetting.

Time to go back to the books.

I picked up Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires, (i.e. Abraham Hicks) to get a refresher course in LoA, and get to the bottom of this resistance thing that may be what is preventing my dreams from coming true.

The main notion behind getting the law of attraction to work for you is all about becoming a match for what you want. We are vibrational beings continually putting out signals and vibrations that derive from our thoughts and actions.

So how do you know if your vibrations are causing the resistance? It comes down to taking a look at the emotion you have surrounding what you want.

The first four are fairly obvious (see image above). Any negative emotion is going to transmit negative vibrations into the universe and therefore attraction negative outcomes or at the very least block positive ones.

But importance? How is that resistance?

This is where the issue of resistance gets pretty annoying. The more importance you place on a goal, the less of a match you are for it. Many people who begin trying to manifest get caught up here (myself included). They feel as if wanting something really badly will make it come faster when the opposite is actually true. This actually hinders your connection with source, not only making manifesting much more difficult but sometimes impossible.

Anything you deem important attracts your attention to it. If you don’t yet have what you see as important you are bound to be noticing its absence (creating the vibration of not having), wanting it to manifest (vibration of wanting), and wondering when it’s going to come (vibration of the ‘it’ being in the future not here, now).

Even if you have no negative emotions toward your desire, feeling like you already have it and you are certain you’re going to get it, you can still be blocking it by allowing it to have too much importance.

The more time I spent waiting, the more important my goal became to me. Therefore the more resistance I was creating against it.

So how did I remedy this misalignment? Check back next week and I will give you my top strategies on releasing resistance! They have been life changing for me and I can’t wait to share them with all of you!

Thanks for reading! See you next week!


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