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Alignment Before Action - In Practice - Holiday Stress Edition

Oh the Holidays are here! How can I tell? It’s not the Christmas decorations going up around the city or the snow falling on the ground. It’s my inability to be too far from my planner and the barrage of text messages from friends coming into the city. My days and nights have been full and it’s not even December yet!

This year I have a secret weapon against the holiday stress. Alignment before action. Ahead of anything thing else, I have been focusing on getting as happy as possible, as often as possible.

And man oh man, has it been great.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not skipping around constantly at a level 12, tossing flower petals around 24/7. Sometimes getting happy can be a real challenge, but I’m making it a priority. If I find myself stressed out, I find a way to be a little less stressed. For me that often means putting in my ear buds and taking a nice long walk. Letting myself daydream about the things that make me happy or the things I want to achieve. Letting the feelings of having these things wash over me....then bam, it happens. Alignment.

When I started this practice, my ego would get to work immediately. Deadlines, obligations, shoulds. But a funny thing began to happen as I continued to ignore it. Everything worked out without me having to worry about it. Like a meetings being re-scheduled by the other party to a more appropriate time for me without me mentioning it. And if something doesn’t get done...not only does the world not end but 99.9999% of the time, I soon see the reason I didn’t need to do it in the first place.

If all that isn’t enough, entering instagram contests while in alignment is super fun! I won a set of tickets for an event after entering a few contests for it. I was excited and grateful but the pick up for the tickets was on the other side of town and we had just been hit with our first snow storm. I stayed in alignment and just knew it would figure itself out in a couple days without me having to stress about it. Two days later, I won one of the other instagram contests I had entered, and this one came with a bunch of goodies with it! And the pickup for the gift basket was in a much more convenient place for me. I ended up winning 6 tickets to the same event. I gave a pair away to friends and ended forfeiting the other pair. Yes, there is something to this whole Alignment thing. Try it. It’s magical!


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