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Alignment Before Action - In Practice - Holiday Stress Edition

Oh the Holidays are here! How can I tell? It’s not the Christmas decorations going up around the city or the snow falling on the ground. It’s my inability to be too far from my planner and the barrage of text messages from friends coming into the city. My days and nights have been full and it’s not even December yet!

This year I have a secret weapon against the holiday stress. Alignment before action. Ahead of anything thing else, I have been focusing on getting as happy as possible, as often as possible.

And man oh man, has it been great.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not skipping around constantly at a level 12, tossing flower petals around 24/7. Sometimes getting happy can be a real challenge, but I’m making it a priority. If I find myself stressed out, I find a way to be a little less stressed. For me that often means putting in my ear buds and taking a nice long walk. Letting myself daydream about the things that make me happy or the things I want to achieve. Letting the feelings of…

Are You Resisting Your Own Happiness? Top 5 Ways You Are Creating Resistance.

Vive La RĂ©sistance! When I think about resistance, that saying is among the first things that comes to mind. Nazi fighters. People actively fighting against evil forces. So when I looked into why my life wasn’t perfect law of attraction manifesting bliss despite everything I’ve been practicing, and the word resistance kept popping up, you can imagine the confusion.

Why would anyone fight against what they were trying to manifest?

I’ve heard about (and seen) people self-sabotaging. A lack of self-worth motivating them to unconsciously block their own success but as far as I could tell, that wasn’t my issue. I was in a joyous place (alignment), feeling the emotions of having as often as possible, certain I deserved it and knowing it was going to appear any day now.

Months went by and I tried harder, and harder...and still nothing.

There must be something I was overlooking and forgetting.

Time to go back to the books.

I picked up Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires, (i.e. Ab…

Abraham Hicks