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Magic at the Markets

Fall time is craft market time. I love going to the markets to meet the local designers, while finding unique handcrafted items. Buying Christmas presents and supporting small businesses in my city. It's one of the reason I cherish this season so deeply.

While I mostly have an uplifting and high vibe experience at the markets, I sometimes find the crowds can be rather frustrating and draining. To remedy this, I have been focusing on slipping into alignment before and during the markets to experiment with the power of alignment before action. And it has been magical.

First off, the whole experience is so much more enjoyable, I stay in the moment, and relax into the crowds instead of resisting or avoiding. I find that I am leaving with less impulse purchases that I regret later, and more pieces that light me up inside. I even had the women who was selling gemstones bouquets comment on how great my energy was. Which always feels reaffirming to hear.

Earlier this season, a small downtown alleyway market popped up that sells the most delicious beet chips. It was my sole reason for attending. I made a beeline for the stand only to find them sold out. I was disappointed but didn't let it ruin my evening. I made my way back down the alleyway and found myself chatting with a maker as I perused her booth. She asked what I had purchased so far and I told her about the beet chips miss and we talked about how amazing we both thought they were. As I was leaving, the lady running the pie booth next to us pulls out two bags of the elusive beet chips that she had purchased earlier and offered to sell them to me (with no mark-up, but I overpaid her anyways). It was a small but uplifting gesture, that I deeply appreciated, and it made me start to wonder, was this alignment or coincidence?

Near the end of another market, I was feeling peaceful and aligned. My friend and I struck up a conversation with the women selling her beautiful pottery that I have admired for years but is a little too expensive for my budget. Since the event was closing she was beginning to pack up her stand. Noticing she was alone, my friend asked if anyone was coming to help her pack up all the handcrafted pots and mugs after such a long day of working in the sun of the outdoor market. She pointed across a long field to an SUV and told us her partner was waiting for her and they would take turns bringing boxes and tables to the vehicle. Immediately I offered to help and my friend and I started carrying the items as she packed. As a thank you we were both given our choice of any item we wanted from the stand. We each got to go home with a beautiful piece for only 10 minutes of our time and got to experience the glow you get from helping someone.

I picked the craft markets as a place to practice my alignment as it’s already a place I enjoy. Going from 0 to 100 is not realistic for me right now but going from 70 to 85 is feeling really magical! 

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May you create magic in your own life today!


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