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Magic at the Markets

Fall time is craft market time. I love going to the markets to meet the local designers, while finding unique handcrafted items. Buying Christmas presents and supporting small businesses in my city. It's one of the reason I cherish this season so deeply.
While I mostly have an uplifting and high vibe experience at the markets, I sometimes find the crowds can be rather frustrating and draining. To remedy this, I have been focusing on slipping into alignment before and during the markets to experiment with the power of alignment before action. And it has been magical.

Rampage of Appreciation / Gratitude list

This weeks blog post is a rampage of appreciation in honour of Canadian Thanksgiving!
Rampages of appreciation (several pages of things you are grateful for or appreciate) are an amazing way to bring your vibration to a higher level. 
What I'm Thankful for (in no particular order)

Coincidence or subconscious? How our emotions impact our furry friends.

I have always been a big animal lover. As soon as I moved from an apartment to a house, I welcomed my first cat. Through the years my house has been a home for many cats and dogs in need. Some were in the twilight of their animal life and only stayed with me for a brief time while others were abandoned early on in their life, came to live with me when they were young and are still curled up next to me as I type.
When a new member joined the crew there was only a short period of acclimation before everything settled. Sure, Jace, the ginger cat, has never quite appreciated the enthusiasm of Charlie the pug but overall everyone was happy and healthy.
The beginning of this year was really rough on me. I felt lost and unsatisfied in life. I was searching for answers and it was accompanied with an anxiety that was overpowering. I was suddenly questioning everything in my life and secretly began to feel trapped caring for my fur babies. I still loved them the same but I felt like picking up an…