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Adyashanti - The End of Your World

7 tips to get your subconscious mind to work for you!

So you've watched the secret, or read about the law of attraction? You hear people talking about manifesting and making their dreams come true.  You think, hey if they can do it, so can I! Your biggest desire comes to mind and you set off on the path to bring it into your life. You cut out pictures of your dream car, you put it on your bulletin board and on the bathroom mirror. You start picturing yourself in your new car everyday and the desire becomes stronger. After a month your new car still hasn't arrived. You start wishing harder, more often. You're starting to wonder how your new car is going to come to you. The lottery? A raise at work? You start getting frustrated, feeling a little foolish and maybe even angry. You decide this new age stuff is a bunch of junk and you tear down the pictures from your wall, embarrassed you ever bought into the hype. I thought the more energy I put into wanting something, the more I thought about how I was going to get it, th

Meditation makes you attractive!

Want to lower your stress, increase your focus, improve your sleep, relieve pain and even become more attractive to others? Then meditation is definitely for you. But meditation is not a one size fits all practice. It's not all about clearing all your thoughts and ignoring that itch on your nose. There are many different types of meditation and it's important to experiment with different types before proclaiming that meditation just isn't for you. 

Summer of healing

I started my journey to find joy, peace and enlightenment at the beginning of 2017 after a particularly dark spell of emotions hit me in December. Although the past year has been one of the most difficult ones of my life, I have nothing but gratitude for it. It motivated me to dig deep into the world of wellness and mental well being and what I have learnt has been truely life changing. I can't wait to share more of this journey with you! This summer I have continued on my meditation practice, stepped out of my comfort zone in dating, decluttering and the way I view my mind. I dug deeper into researching emotions and thoughts while extending my understanding about the laws of attraction and the power of the subconscious mind. Stay tuned because this is still only the beginning!