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3 ways to tell if it's your intuition or your ego talking

Follow your gut. The answer is within you. We've all heard this before. The problem is sometimes when we look within we get mixed messages. Should you take that new job opportunity? Something inside is saying yes but something else is saying hell no. This is the battle of your intuition vs your ego. If you listen carefully enough, you will begin to easily tease apart the two. 

My inspiration to start listening to my intuition comes from Jess Lively. She is the queen of following her intuition and it is currently taking her on adventures all over the world. I decided to take her advice and start writing to my intuition to try and get to know it a little better.

So grab a pencil and piece a paper and lets see what it has to say. 

First off, it's best to start off with yes/no questions. Write down your question on the paper and wait. Don't just listen to the first answer that pops into your head. This is often your ego; the negative, judgemental, worrying voice. If you haven't been listening to your intuition lately, your ego is probably still centre stage. Here are three ways to begin to tell the difference between the two: 

1. The voice of your intuition feels peaceful. I often feel a little wave of relief when it's my intuition talking. My ego however often makes my thoughts race and shoulders tense up. Sometimes the answer is a little (or a lot!) exciting, especially when it's an idea or solution that hasn't occurred to you before. But still underneath this excitement you will feel a certain calmness or peace.

2. Your intuition is present moment focused. The ego is always concerned with planning the future or reliving the past. The intuition is all about the present. What you should be doing NOW! If the voice starts talking about next week or next year, that's a sure sign it's the ego coming through. Intuition is fine with uncertainty. The intuition isn't concerned why you should to do this or that. It is happy to guide you into finding your flow and letting the explanation come to you along the way. The ego hates this. It loves to over think, over plan and get you worked up into a cycle of unanswerable questions.

3. You feel your intuition in a different part of the body. When my ego is talking, I feel it in my head. A little voice right by my ear nagging me. I feel my intuition literally in my gut. Some people feel it near the heart but it's definitely going to be outside of the head. Pay attention when you hear an answer to your question and try to locate where in the body it is originating from. After some practice you will be able to locate it with little to no effort.

So find a quiet spot, calm your mind with some deep breathing, prayer or meditation and start getting to know your intuition. Write down a question, wait for that calm, present moment focused answer from inside you and write down the answer. Don't be afraid to ask follow-up questions if you need a little more clarity. I often fill up a page chatting with my intuition. You know you've found your answer when you feel that mixture of peace and excitement in the answer. 

Good luck and let me know in the comments if you were able to quiet down your ego and hear your intuition with this method.


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