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The Law of Attraction has a funny sense of humour.

I'm not the kind of girl who turns heads. In fact, I go a very long time between getting hit on. So I thought it might be fun to spend a couple minutes a day in my creative workshop thinking about attracting attention from men. I didn't focus on it too hard, it was just one of a few things I would think about in my workshop.

During my day I have felt too busy rushing around to think about the Law of Attraction

or data collection for the workshop. Rushing from one task to the next, too distracted to think about manifesting my true desires. Not to mention figuring out what it is I actually desire. The only time I have remembered to give it some thought is during my the 15 minute workshop.

One afternoon, I was leaving my downtown work place, earbuds in, blasting a rap song I would be embarrassed if my coworkers knew I listened too. I was in a particularly good mood, the sun was shining, I was feeling accomplished and heading home for the day. A guy in his early twenties walks by me, wearing a white tank top, baggy jeans and his jacket in his hand. We make eye contact and I gave him a small smile as I usually do in such a situation. I see his mouth move and I could almost swear he said "damn", but my earbuds are in so I couldn't be sure. He walks a few feet further and turns his head and looks me up and down. At this moment the only thing running through my mind is, "Did I literally just turn a guys head?!?". This is not something I'm used to. He takes a few more steps and looks back at me again. And again. He turns around and I kind of panic, feeling a wave of social awkwardness sweep over me. But it's too late, he starts saying something to me and I take out my earbuds to hear. "You got a boyfriend?" He asks. I don't, but quickly figure he is not my type so I lie and say I do. "Damn." He says. I awkwardly thank him asking and quickly put my earbuds back in. But he's still talking to me, I remove the buds again. "Are you happy? Does he treat you right?" He asks. "Yeah, I'm all good, thanks." I say with an awkward smile.

On the rest of my way home, the encounter is still very much on my mind. I knew if I had exchanged numbers, I wouldn't have responded. He was a little too rough around the edges for me, someone I doubt I would have had much in common with other than maybe my taste in music. Regardless, I was feeling good about the confidence boosting rendezvous but oddly enough hadn't attributed it to my workshop. It wasn't until later that night when I got a flirty text from a co-worker that I put it together. But again, this co-worker was not someone who I would have chosen to attract. Frankly, he creeps me out. The awkwardness of having to dodge the comment from the coworker dampened the novelty of my head turning experience. If this was the Law of Attraction in action, I needed to be more specific.

I told my friend about my odd day, and tried not to think too much about the coworker in an effort to not attract more awkwardness into my life. That's the funny thing I have learned about the Law of Attraction, even thinking about how much you DON'T want something in your life can bring it forth. It's best to focus on something you DO want. What I did want was to attract men who didn't creep me out and I said as much to my friend that evening.

Later that night I went on my usual walk with my dog before bed. On my way back, two shirtless guys crossed the street ahead of me, looking like they had started partying a little early. One of them started cat calling towards me, and I got a little frightened. It had gotten dark out and no matter how hard my pug would try to protect me, his efforts would be in vain. One of the men must have sensed my fear. He shouts "Don't worry, we aren't creepy, were big teddy bears." I couldn't help but smile but still quickly made my way home.

Astounded by all the male attention I had gotten that day, I quickly told my friend about the latest weird interaction. What an odd thing to have a shirtless guy on the street shout to you that he wasn't creepy. My friend didn't seem shocked at all however. She was quick to point out "well, you said you didn't want creepy guys hitting on you, he was just letting you know he wasn't creepy!" It appears the Law of Attraction was indeed responding to my desires, but maybe I was not giving proper direction.

I have decided to hold off on any future manifestation of male attention in my creative workshop until I spend some time getting to know the specific type of interactions I want. While I am excited by the prospect of this whole 'Law of Attraction' notion actually working, I feel a little overwhelmed by the specificity needed and the superfluidity of occurrence that is possible.

Of course it has occurred to me that this all just might have been a big coincidence. None of my other workshop projects have shown any signs of working. But still, I can't rule out the unusualness of it all. What do you think? Was this the Law of Attraction at work or was my experience that day simply an odd coincidence? Comment below and let me know your take!


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